Wildlife Quiz for the Month of March

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Wildlife Quiz for the Month, March

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Preying mantis belongs to which of the following animal diet groups

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Preying mantis are capable of turning their heads in 180 degree

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Yellow-billed kite is a common intra-African breeding migrant. In southern Africa it arrives in August, before the first rains, and leaves just after the last rain in March or April

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There are how many species of pangolins in the world?

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Yellow-billed kites belong to which of the following feeding category

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The theme for the 2022 World Pangolin Day was?

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Preying Mantis has over 4000 species that are divided across 2000 genera

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Which of the following does not include the habitats of pangolins?

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Female preying mantis do cannibalize their sexual partners or eat their mates

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Pangolins are the only mammals in the world covered in scales?

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The world pangolin day is commemorated when?

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Scavenging is also part of the diet of yellow-billed kites

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