Educated Guided Tour to a Zoo/Aquarium/Natural Park


We offer you a Guided Educational Tour of Zoos/Aquariums/Natural Parks because we believe that it is no longer Enough for people to go to these Conservations Centers to visualize the subject matter. The goal is to give you an educational experience that shows Conservation of our Wildlife Resources Biodiversity as a necessity, how its directly linked to your own and general human well-being and give you a working knowledge to help you understand our Natural Wildlife Resources in terms of Wild Fauna and Flora; what you can do to participate in their conservation and the habitat they depend on and motivate you to start taking positive actions on behalf of our Environment and its Biodiversity.


Book here, Choose a date and Provide times in the details you are available that is convenient for you, and we will confirm your booking after payment. Choose a Location in the Country where you are or where you will like to go. Please Comment if you will need travel and accommodation arrangments and we would be happy to help with these and also give you the best experience and personalized service ever.


Cost is $50 basic per Person for a group (2-10) tour session and $150 Per Person for Private tour. We process payment securely through Bank of America and Upon confirmation of your booking, an invoice will be sent to you from for your payment.

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Please note that 20% of your payment will be donated directly for our conservation work for Wildlife wherever they are found but especially in Africa. We appreciate you and hope you will be happy to make donation as well to support our work. Thank you.