Bat Tweets and Chats

DAY 1 – #BAT WEEK OCTOBER 24 – 31, 2020 is an annual, international celebration of the role of bats in
nature. A Thread. Bats are amazing creatures with over 1400 species; they are the second
populous order of mammals widely dispersed across the globe. #Batsaremammals #BatsareNotEvil.

Bats provide ecosystem services such as insect pest consumption and control, plant pollination,
and seed dispersal, making them essential to health of our natural world and economy. #Batsaremammal #BatsareGood

Worldwide today, Bats are faced with unprecedented threats, these including habitat loss, pesticide ingestion, habitat destruction, indiscriminate harvest for bush meat/hunting, accelerated climate change and more. #BatsMustContinueToLive #BatsareNotThreats

Globally, about 24% of Bats are considered critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. Without concerted international actions, their populations will continue to fall, driving many species to extinction. #BatsareHumanfriendly #StopKillingsofBats


DAY 3 – Today, in commemoration of the Bat week Celebration, we are reciting a poem to stand against stigmatization of bat – (Insert the Video link we are producing here)

DAY 4 – Learn some amazing #FactsAboutBats
i. Bats are the only flying mammals
ii. Bats are nocturnal
iii. Bats evolved independently of birds
iv. Bats swim through the air
v. Bats feeds on lots of insect
vi. Bats are preyed upon by other animals
vii. Echolocation is Bat way of life


i. Bats have a wide range of heartbeats (during hibernation, heartbeat can drop to 4 per minute while in flight 400-1100)
ii. Bats are unique for their hanging nature
iii. Bat feet are weird
iv. There are vampire bats that feed solely on blood

DAY 5 – We should be aware of the #WildlifeAroundUs. Can you name and Identify this #Bats?
Tag us in your response. #BatWeek2020.

DAY 6 – As part of #BatWeek2020, we are organizing a Challenge and you stand to win prizes from us. You can either make a one-minute video on why bat matters to you Or Sketch a bat or use upcycle material to design a bat and share with us.

Day 7 – We announce winners

DAY 8 – Join us today by 5pm at our Live Webinar as we discuss issues on threats and #Bats conservation. (Click Here To Participate)

Bats, as ‘hero” with global impact are such an indispensable entity of nature, it is high time we bridged knowledge gap on this species and harmoniously sustain their population living side by side with them. #BatsareHeroicMammals #BatsarePartofNature

Thank you for joining us in this year’s #batweek2020, reduce anthropogenic disturbances at roost site/habitat and help increase conservation education on them. Bats are beautiful creatures. #BatWeek2020.

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