World Wetlands Day 2022 Report

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on the 2nd of February every year, though it was not originally celebrated until 1997. This day serves to recognize the influence and positive production that Wetlands have had on the world, and in turn, bring communities together for the benefit of Mother Nature. This day also raises global awareness because wetlands play a significant role not only in people but in the sustenance of our planet.

World Wetlands Day Campaign Flyer

The Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative and her Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper organized outreach to educate the pupils of Ajiran Community Grammar School, to inform the students about the importance of the wetland and conservative approach to be adopted by the pupils to encourage the protection of existing wetlands.

Cross section of pupils at Ajiran Community Grammar School

A total of 50 pupils were educated and sensitized about the importance of the wetlands as this is aimed at enabling the kids to become more environmentally conscious. Both the students and the school authority expressed their profound gratitude and requested for more environmentally centric programs from WACI with the pupils is this is a way of educating the pupils on the importance of the coexistence among humans, wildlife, and the environment.

Facilitator demonstrating to pupils