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Help WACI to take real-time action and put science in front in taking on today’s biggest environmental threats, ranging from wildlife poaching, extinction and habitat loss, pollution, deforestation, climate change, and more.

By becoming a bonafide member, you stand the chance to benefit from WACI’s global networking opportunities, educational experiences & resources, research & scientific credibility, conservation excursion action, social action, environmental action, agricultural biodiversity action, nature action, wildlife rescue action, high-level political, economic & social decision-making affiliates, and an especial, neutral platform to present a compos mentis & factual eco proposals.

The prompt payment of the annual membership dues is essential to fund the work of WACI, support the implementation of various development programs, facilitate global networking & communications, accelerate the transfer of knowledge & expertise, and ultimately, to guarantee the sustenance of the organization.

Membership dues are charged in USD or local currency equivalent (Contact us if you need help with this). Payments can be made at any time throughout the year via multiple-choice payment options. Receipt of payment is issued within seven (7) working days upon confirmation of payment. Proceed to the payment portal – https://wildlifeafrica.org/my-account-2/


  1. Individual Membership (Volunteers) – Join the band of fervent global change-makers. With an annual fee of $50 and $100, you have the chance to receive funding of up to $250 and $500 respectively to create that change you have always dreamed of via implementing projects/programs. Enroll – www.wildlifeafrica.org/apply-to-volunteer/
  • Corporate Membership – Join other brands in fulfillment of your corporate social responsibility to society. With an annual fee of $500 and above, your brand can contribute its quota to preserve the environment in which it survives on. Enroll – www.wildlifeafrica.org/organizational-membership/

With your generous donation today, you will be playing a critical role in helping to protect our wildlife, ensuring judicious use of our natural resources, and creating a safer world.

For more information, please, contact our Membership Focal Point volunteers@wildlifeafrica.org

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