We welcome you to join one of the world’s global wildlife and environmental network.

Why Become A Member?

Our membership offer is open to all spheres of work and sectors of the economy. A quick look at our membership package affords each member loads of exciting benefits. Our common interest is for the sustainable future of the planet earth. Over the past hundred years, human activities have had a massive impact on the world’s ecosystems, the majority, resulting in catastrophic mayhem, whilst it has been foretold that the extensive economic and social activities will lead to further deterioration of planet earth. WACI has emerged and evolved into one of the world’s renowned eco professionals helping to tackle these challenges

What Membership Benefits Are Available?

Our active members act collectively and benefit via our global networking opportunities, educational experiences & resources, research & scientific credibility, conservation excursion action, social action, environmental action, agricultural biodiversity action, nature action, wildlife rescue action, and its high-level political, economic and social decision-making affiliates, etc. On the backdrop, we offer an especial, neutral platform to present a compos mentis & factual eco proposals that aim to join collective strength in overcoming barriers to a sustainable future.

Who Can Become A Member?

WACI membership is open to Individuals, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Economic Development Agencies, Think Tanks, Scientists and Academics, Government Agencies, the Private Sector, and Representatives of entities working in the field of conservation or/and the environment as well as show a clear track record of activities in the conservation of nature and its natural resources. Also, prospects should share and uphold the objectives of WACI and have as one of their central purposes the achievement of WACI Mission amongst other things.

How Can An Individual or Organization Join?

All prospective individuals or entities should, please, contact the relevant Membership Focal Point or the Membership Unit – volunteers@wildlifeafrica.org for any additional support with the membership admission process.

How Can A Volunteer Qualify For Funding?

Only volunteers with a paid membership status can present concept notes for funding and also, this DOES NOT constitute that having a paid membership status guarantees the funding of your project. Funding of projects is SOLELY at the discretion of the Board after a thorough evaluation of each application received.

How Long Does It Take For A New Volunteer To Submit A Proposal For Funding Upon Payment of the Membership Dues?

New members (volunteers) will only be eligible for funding after 6 months upon confirmation of payment to become a bonafide member.

When is the Deadline For Submission of Proposals?

Proposals are received biennial. 31th May and November 30th each year for consideration.

What Are the Requisite for Funding?

All proposed projects MUST align with WACI values and objectives.

N/B: All prospective funding proposals should be submitted to WACI at least 3 months before the start date of the project. Where the project budget is more than the funding limit, volunteers must show evidence of counterpart funding. 

Become a bona fide WACI Member today!!!