Educational Guided Tour of New York Aquarium


Date : January 8, 2019

Venue: New York Aquarium

Arrival Time: 10 am

Fee : $20 Dollar per person and Donations are accepted

Terms: You will pay your Entrance Ticket and come with your lunch.

Come with all your questions.



Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative guided education tours aims to takes people out of their comfort zones, homes, offices, school rooms and the market place and into our various Conservation Centres, to help them understand our Natural Wildlife Resources in terms of Wild Fauna and Flora; what they can do to participate in their conservation and the habitat they depend on and motivate them to start taking positive actions on behalf of our Environment and its Biodiversity.

It is no longer Enough for people to go to these Conservation Centres to visualize the subject matter. The goal of the conservation excursion therefore is to give an educational experience that show Conservation of our Wildlife Resources Biodiversity as a necessity, how its directly linked to their own and general human well-being and give them a working knowledge to help them participate.

It is hoped that the Guided Education Tour will stimulate questions from participants and lead into research of more science based solutions to conserve our resources, halt biodiversity loss, restore lost and degraded ecosystem, protect marine life and resources and to contribute to the achievement of Goal 14 (Life under Water) and Goal 15 (Life on Land) of the Sustainable Development Goals

We Would take you through the amazing journey our Founder and CEO, Felix Olusola Abayomi Went through in the 1st Ariyike Tour. This will include:

  1. New York, (New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Riverhead Foundation Sea Turtle Hospital, Fireshore Island National Park),
  2. Philadelphia Zoo Florida (Wakiwa springs where they do Turtle Sampling, Dr Peter Pritchard’s Chelonia Institute),
  3. Georgia (Georgia Sea Turtle Centre, Jekyll’s Island, Charlie Elliot Wildlife Centre, Rum park Wildlife Resource Centre, Piedmont Park, Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta Aquarium), and
  4. South Carolina (South Carolina Sea turtle hospital and the Aquarium)
  5. and more….
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