BAT WEEK (24th-31st October)

Bat week is an annual celebration orchestrated to raise awareness about bats, their ecosystem services, conservation and challenges faced. Bat are amazing creatures that are vital to the health of our natural world and economy. We join the rest of the world to increase awareness on bat conservation, educate to change perception on fetish believes accrued to bats and to enlighten the general public on bat importance in the environment.

Day 1 – 24th

Opening Message from Founder/CEO of Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative and our Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper. (Click Below)

Day 2 – 25th

Publicity of all Week’s Event

Day 3 – 26th

We would be sharing with you a Poem that shows that Bat Conservation is Indigenous and cultural.

Day 4 – 27th

We would be doing a series of Posts on Facts about Bats.

Day 5 – 28th

You stand a Chance to win Prices if you participate in this quiz. 3 different bat species to be identified in a multiple choice questions.

Day 6 – 29th

We request individuals to make one-minute video on why Bats matter to you or sketch a picture of a Bat or make a make a craft of a bat using upcycle materials. Click link below to make a submission.

Day 7 – 30th

We would announce Winners for our Quiz and Challenge.

Day 8 – 31st

We would be having an online Meeting/Webinar.

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