Community Engagement for Sea Turtles and Clean Lagos Lagoon

Lagos lagoon is a major water body in the Lagos metropolis which impacts significantly on the lives of the Lagosians enormously. It is used primarily for fishing, aquaculture, sand mining and recreation activities.
In line with the mandate of the Waterkeeper Alliance of ensuring the society has right to swimmable, fishable and drinkable water, we have began a community engagement series with our Ariyike Sea Turtle Monitoring and Conservation project to educate the Coastal communities around the Lagoon whose livelihoods depend on Fishing that there continued livelihoods are directly linked to the continued existence of Sea Turtles in the waters.
The Fishermen have been recording high numbers of Jelly Fish in their catch and they go several days without a catch. This has further aggravated the Human-Wildlife Conflict between the fishing communities and the sea turtles. Every single sea turtles coming to nest has a potential of been poached for food and for income. Even those caught in fisheries bycatch are not spared as fishermen sell the turtles who breaks their nets to get money to repair them.
We have begun to make some progress but we need to do more and we need to train these disadvantage people with alternative income, educational and health opportunities through training, tourism and direct conditional cash transfers to improve their lives. We would be sharing information on steps we are taking but we need take urgent actions as the Sea Turtles will continue to come to our Shores, the people will continue to hunt them not because they want to (at least not all of them) but because they have to.
The Lagos Lagoon cuts across the southern part of the metropolis, linking the Atlantic Ocean (in the west and south) and Lekki Lagoon (in the east). It is about 6354.708 sq km in area and 285 km in perimeter. The Lagos Lagoon consists of three main segments such as Lagos harbour, the metropolitan end and Epe division segments. We have a lot of ground to cover. As we deal with the Sea Turtle hunting, we also have to educate the communities on waste management and pollution.
As of today, we have trained and empowered 10 local community members as Volunteer Sea Turtle Guardians, paying them a small stipend to make the protection and conservation of the Wildlife resources and the Lagoon environment a community lead action program. These are people who are hitherto hunters and gatherers of Sea Turtle eggs, nesting females and those caught in the fisheries bycatch. We would love to train and empower more local volunteers to not only become Sea Turtles Guardians but also advocates of a Clean Lagos Lagoon.
We plan to infuse our Ariyike Sea Turtle Monitoring Project, the Clean Lagos Lagoon Initiative of the Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper and Ariyike Tours to deliver an amazing tripartite solution to turn Hunters and Polluters into Conservationists and Environmental Guardians respectively.  This is our long-term strategic plan.
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Sea Turtle Exhibition Education

Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative Sea Turtle Exhibition Education is designed for  School Children of Primary and Secondary School age. Our team would like to come to your school to educate the pupils on Sea turtles and other Endangered Animals such as Elephant conservation and how to secure the future of our wildlife for the coming generation through our Education Exhibition, book reading and multimedia tools.

In view of this, we would like you to give us a date and time to visit your school. Please kindly fill the form below and Please feel free to contact us by phone (+2348179453143) or email  if you have any questions or clarifications.


This is supported by Artenschutz (AGA) eV, who produced the Exhibition and a Coloring book of a Sea Turtle named Lucky that we gift young children who participate in the exhibition.


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Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative (WACI) is in an exclusive, partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Inc. (WCFF – only Film Festival dedicated to Wildlife in the World) with the purpose of conducting wildlife films, photography workshops, training and films screening in Nigeria.

WACI, in conjunction with the WCFF., brings a 10-day workshop to teach Wildlife Photography and Wildlife filmmaker techniques in Nigeria. The training will include practical sessions and free film screening to members of the Nigerian Public, government officials and Students within the period of the Workshop and after. Contact us via for partnership and sponsorship considerations.

To Register/Participate/Partner/Sponsor  Please fill relevant sections of the Form below:



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Facility Tour of VisionScape Epe Eco Park (Landfill Site)

  • Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper posted photos from a facility tour of the landfill and Ecopark in Epe where there is a concern for a waterbody that communities depend on.

We went on a facility tour of the #EpeEcoPark of #CleanerLagosInitiative with other environmental advocates and stakeholders in Lagos. Of concern is the waterbody behind that site and the groundwater local communities depend on. We urged the Visionscape officials to continue frequent water tests to ensure they remain in safe levels. We would be monitoring this with you in line with our #CleanLagosLagoon Initiative and follow your progress with our Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative #SeaTurtle ‘Ariyike’ monitoring and conservation in the Marine Waste Collection aspects as plastics wastes in water kill endangered Sea Turtles and other Marine Animals.


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Project Ariyike

On October 13, 2017, Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative started Project Ariyike: a  Sea Turtle Nesting Monitoring, Protection and Conservation work and Community Engagement in Lagos, Nigeria, with the support of Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. and The State of the World Sea Turtle (SWOT) 

Sea Turtles Nesting Population protection and rehabilitation project in Nigeria – UPDATES

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