Adeyanju Temidayo Esther

Temidayo Esther Adeyanju is a wildlife specialist with her growing area of expertise focused on bats and small mammal’s ecology and conservation. She has her backgrounds in wildlife management and conservation biology from University of Ibadan and Jos respectively. She has been actively studying the ecology and conservation of bats for about nine years. Her interests include effects of modification by anthropogenic activities both in the natural and urban landuse types; human perception, knowledge and myths and attendant effects on bat species populations. She has worked as a volunteer in different capacities with leading conservation organizations both nationally and internationally as wildlife expert. Temidayo is a very resilient conservation and environmental educationist, enthusiastic and passionate about biodiversity conservation with interests in rural-urban ecology and conservation education of animals across various land-use types. She has experience in the bat ecology, field of ornithology, outreach and conservation education/awareness among stakeholder. She is currently documenting the bat species within the southwest region in different landuse types and how anthropogenic activities affect bat species composition and persistence. She has a strong interest in understanding the link and bond that ties nature (Bats) and the society.