My name is Michael Walter Okuku, a native of the Kiberacommunity, Nairobi, Kenya. I’m a Data Analyst by profession and a lover of wildlife.

My desire for wildlife and environmental conservation started back in my primary school days in which I participate in various environmental events.

Also, due to the proximity of my home to the Nairobi National Park (The only park in the world which is located in the city) plus my regular visit to the park further heightened my passion and exposure to understanding wildlife better.

More so, I am a regular viewer of wildlife documentary channels. I am always fascinated by the magnificence of Mother Nature, its interaction with other elements of society. The documentaries thought me a lot about wildlife and wild places and their unique importance to sustaining a healthy ecosystem.

What motivated me to volunteer for the Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative (WACI) was the heart-warming activities WACI is undertaking on behalf of our precious wildlife. I first heard about WACI on social media, subsequently

I automatically fell in love with their noble cause. Notably, some of the exciting WACI programs I enjoy and always love to participate in are the online training and WACI weekly wildlife quiz. The latter deepens my understanding of the different wildlife species and their unique importance to the environment. I am always delighted to learn new things about wildlife species.

Furthermore, I will like to use this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the management of WACI for the support received thus far. Without fail, I wish to acknowledge the Founder/President of WACI, Mr Felix Abayomi, for his guidance and assistance received in bringing the desired change I have always envisioned to my community via the numerous projects that I have implemented with the sponsorship of WACI. A special thank you, Sir. You have been a great source of inspiration and motivation for me to do more and push towards changing the status quo in my community.

On the Milieu, with the continuous support of WACI, I hope to continue to impact my community through staging more events geared towards biodiversity conservation in the coming days. While I look forward to WACI extending her influence greatly to my country, I hope they consider opening a branch here in Kenya.