Life’s Mission; Death Sentence

With birds, one of nature’s beauty is their migration. In contrast,some species are resident in a country or continent, some travel as far as crossing continents.  Birds are indispensable in the Ecosystem as they play vital roles in maintaining the Ecosystem balance from ecological and biological functions such as pest control,  pollination and serving as Biological indicators. Birds have become a very significant natural asset in the economic sector. 

According to a report by Daily Beast in an article titled “Birding (yes, Birding) is a multi-billion dollar Ecotourism industry”,  itis estimated that over $800 billion is spent a year in outdoor recreation in the United States, with Birdwatching having an economic benefit of $41 billion. This report shows that Wildlife conservation and recreational activities such as Birdwatching can help boost a nation’s economy. 

Migrating Birds put smiles on a lot of Nature lovers’ faces. Forexample, Whinchat Saxicola rubetraa small Migratory passerine bird breeding in Europe and Western Asia in Nigeria and some other parts of Africa, thrills and excites nature lovers. It also helps to boost both local and international tourism.

While Birdwatching for some of us as Nature lovers is fun, it is a duty call, a nature responsibility and indeed a life mission for these species. Birds migrate for many reasons, including food and breeding, which are essential activities for living. Unfortunately, many of them are unfortunate situations, either on the way or at their destination. reports that Habitat loss is by far the highest threat to these birds. Migratory forest bird species travel miles to find their destination, an entirely new place where they cannot survive. Migratory waterbirds travel to see their stopover sites drained, sand- filled or polluted. These birds are often then left stranded;many times, they die on their way. In cases like this, Life’s Mission becomes a death sentence. When they die during migration, the ones migrating for breeding cannot breed, whichreduces the population of the species.

On This Day, Migratory Birds day 2021, everyone is calling to make safe all Wildlife Habitat to let those creatures answer nature’s call and fulfil life’s objectives.

Happy World Migratory Birds Day.

Credit: Nathaniew Owolawi