My name is Taiwo Adams, a wildlife conservationist passionate about preserving wildlife and their habitats. 

The zeal for conservation could be traced to my voluntary position at the Forest Center of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, in 2017, where I had my first bird watching exercise. The event gave me much-needed insight as I learned about avian ecology and conservation.

This experience shaped my career path as I began to have more hands-on experience of what biodiversity conservation entailed far beyond the classroom walls. I became driven by the need to save our rich but dwindling tropical biodiversity and I decided to build the relevant capacity that will enhance biodiversity and the environment in general.

I was inspired to join Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative (WACI) crew because I identified with her vision to raise a generation that is well aware of her environment and is willing to take positive actions.

I must say, WACI public awareness campaign on various biological taxa is quite impressive, one which has improved my knowledge of wildlife. Together with WACI, I hope to be more involved in activities that will further promote wildlife conservation, particularly within the African continent.

Finally, I am grateful to Mr. Felix Abayomi, Founder/President of this wonderful organization for the opportunity given to me to join this movement of visionaries with the sole objective of creating a society that will enable wildlife species and humanity to thrive sustainably.