Smartphone Video Training for social media, 2022


Master the art of creating short and interesting videos and thrive in the digital world.

The one-day training offers participants an incredible opportunity to independently and confidently plan, shoot and edit exciting short videos to tell inspiring stories.

This is a call to all video lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventurers, explorers, and the public who are desirous to showcase some of the most unforgettable scenes via video footage.

Register and learn how to create, classic footage with a smartphone. 

• Plan, shoot and edit wildlife video content with your smartphone and earn.
• Learn how to use Apps and accessories to produce unique and electrifying wildlife footage.
• Tell your story and plan your shoot on the go all with your smartphone.
• Become a social media influencer and lots more.


The training is open to anyone interested in mastering the art of planning, shooting, and editing short videos using only a smartphone.

Registration Fee



Online (Zoom)


Date: Saturday, 29th January 2022



For Ad booking, questions & inquiries, please, send an email to or call 08179453243.