WACI Volunteer of the Month

WACI VOLUNTEER FOR JULY 2021 – Akash Harizan

My name is Akash Harizan. I’m a native of Assam, India. I studied Cinematography and I’m a Wildlife Conservationist by profession.

For the past eight (8) years I have been working to protect and conserve wildlife and wild places. I started this wonderful wildlife-friendly journey alone by teaching biodiversity conservation in my neighborhood stretching to schools, colleges, universities, etc. Before then, I had never received any education or professional tutoring nor training on wildlife conservation. The idea and zeal betided out of my love and passion to contribute my quota to achieve a sustainable forests & wildlife by championing various awareness campaigns to the public in my community on the importance of forests & wildlife to all life on earth.

To begin with, I started my wildlife journey by caring for snakes, i.e by rescuing snakes and also raising awareness about the threats Snakes face, as well as their significance and importance to the ecosystem. While at it, I am aware that it isn’t only snakes that need to be conserved, other species too.

This made me very determined to bring about the change that I desire in my community and the society at large. So, I started organizing wildlife conservation workshops where I was able to teach students about the importance of animals and forests. My focus has always been enlightening the young generation, as they are regarded as the future, thus, investing heavily in them means investing in the future. I sort to leverage on this means to secure the future of the wildlife species by teaching the young generation what they need to know about wildlife conservation, with the hopes that they can also help to shape the great future we all anticipate.

To date, I have completed successfully, 37 workshops on wildlife conservation, 16 workshops on Snake conservation, 14 wildlife campaigns, and other activities wildlife-related programs/events in a bid to connect people with nature in different places throughout India.

More so, I’ve been privileged to learn lots of new things in the past years during my encounter with people from diverse backgrounds and settings. Also, I have been opportune to work with NGOs, Government Bodies, Wildlife Professionals, and other stakeholders who have been highly supportive in my quest to advance conservation activities.

I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by WACI to volunteer for her. It has been a remarkable experience and I’ve had the rare opportunity to meet and network with like-minds in the conservation field. It is all-important to state that I’ve been impacted greatly by the noble initiatives WACI has and is currently championing. I am hopeful that I will continue to contribute my quota towards her cause and ultimately, help her to achieve her goals and sustainable development by extension amongst other things.

Special thanks go to the Founder/President, Mr Felix Abayomi for all his wonderful support and encouragement thus far. You have my deepest gratitude.

Oh, and lest I forget, to fellow esteemed WACI volunteers, thank you for the warm welcome.