World Nature Conservation Day


By Nathaniel Owolawi

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth,

And the earth was without form and void,

God made me first and then my twin brother,

I am DAY, my twin brother is NIGHT,

We are older than you, yes you!!

I am older than you, yes you!!

GOD made wildlife habitats,

Arboreal for every flying/winged wildlife,

Terrestrial for every flora and fauna wildlife,

Aquatic for every water loving wildlife,

Where were you?
I am older than you, yes you!!

Afterall, God beautify earth’s emptiness with me first “NATURE”,

In God’s kindness, He created you,

How proud have you become?

Neglecting your responsibility to “TEND” and “CATER” for me,

If you were created first, you might not have survived.

I am the greatest blessings you would ever have,

You need me to survive,

I offer ecosystem services freely, even give you better life,

If there should be a need for claiming ownership of the earth,

It should be me “NATURE”

I am older clearly!!!

You owe me more than you are giving,

I deserve better than you are treating,

Perhaps you would still be naked saved the leaves in Garden of Eden,

He made clothing from animal skin,

Imagine Wildlife products covering your shame,

Respect is reciprocal,

I am older than you, so revere me!!!!!