Wildlife Species of the Week

Yellow-billed Kite (Milvus aegyptius)

Seen this bird around you before?

They are called the yellow-billed kite (Milvus aegyptius) is one of the most common birds of prey on the African continent, and arguably the most visible. It is a common intra-African breeding migrant. In southern Africa it arrives in August, before the first rains, and leaves just after the last rain in March or April.

The yellow-billed kite can be distinctly identified with an all yellow beak. It is an all brown bird often with a lighter grey-brown head. The all yellow beak is the bird’s most telltale feature, and makes it easy to identify in the field.

Yellow-billed kites can be found almost anywhere, and is sometimes more common to see outside of protected areas than within because there is less competition from other raptors.

There are no threats to this species and although it is not yet separated from the black kite by the IUCN, there are no reasons to believe it would be listed as anything but least concern.


“Yellow-billed Kite”- Wildlife Vagabond