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White throated monkey (Cercopithecus erythrogaster)

White throated monkey (Cercopithecus erythrogaster)

The white-throated monkey was once considered extinct due to constant hunting for the fur of its unique red belly and white front legs. Yet, a small group was found near the Niger River in 1988.

The white-throated guenon is still considered an endangered species due to its decreasing population. It is present within Nigerian forest reserves and sacred groves in Benin but hunting and logging restrictions are difficult to enforce or nonexistent.

This species prefers rainforest and tropical areas for its habitat, but some individuals have been found in secondary bush and old farmland. White-throated monkeys are mainly active in the day and prefer to remain in the trees. They prefer to eat fruit, but can also eat insects, leaves, and crops. Like other guenon species, this species possesses cheek pouches that are use to store food while foraging.

Due to its decreasing population and low reproductive rate, this species may become extinct in the near future. In the past the species was threatened by hunting and habitat destruction for agricultural development and logging.


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