Wildlife Species of the Week

Reed Cormorant (Microcarbo africanus)

Also known as the Long-tailed Cormorant is a small, long tailed, dark Cormorant with a short bill. The Reed Cormorant is indistinguishable with the Crowned Cormorant and they are recognized with the tip of the scapular (Johnsgard, 1993).

The Reed Cormorant benefits from fishes and frogs primarily. It stays in new water more often than not and is adjusted to the climate with webbed feet which empowers it swim across the water. It can go around two meters deep into the water and can remain for around 50 seconds (Johnsgard, 1993).

The Conservation status of the Cormorant is Least Concern anyway they are confronted with dangers from water populace and this is a danger to their preservation status (BirdLife, 2004). There is a dire need to battle this danger adequately early to keep up and develop their protection status.



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