Wildlife Species of the Week

The Serval is one of the subtle carnivorous wildlife known, its favourite delicacies are rodents, small birds, frogs, insects, and reptiles. To facilitate its digestion, this fierce cat feeds on grasses (Theil, 2011). So also, Servals are meal to hyenas and wild dogs.
Servals are important entity in the environment. The over-population of rodents; carriers of zoonotic diseases causes direct threat to the environment and crops are altered by Servals (Estes, 2014). This small carnivores are extremely important to the balance of our ecosystems.
Servals’ large ears act as radar dishes to locate their food (Pharaoh, 2016). These cats listen for the movement of animals in the grass before they pounce. It is believed that they use their ears as much as their eyes.
Unfortunately, as with most carnivores, Serval populations are at risk. They are not only suffering from loss of habitat, but they are also destroyed when suspected of killing domesticated animals by humans (Thiel, 2011).

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