Wildlife Species of the Week

The African Rock Python is the largest snake in Africa. Like all other python species, it is non-venomous snake, usually killing its prey by constriction. 
African Rock python eats many rodents as well as a variety of vertebrates. It may be important in limiting populations of its prey. There is a also high amount of exportation for the pet trade. The skin of Indian pythons is highly valued in the fashion industry due to its exotic look. In its native range it is also hunted as a source of food.
It habituates forest, savannah, grasslands and rocky outcrops and particularly associates with areas of permanent water. To balance the carrying capacity of Predator-Prey relationship, the African Rock python feeds on many rodents, grass cutters, medium sized mammals as well as a variety of vertebrates.
Cultural believes among some African tribes have influenced different perception of people towards the snake. In Nigeria, Nembe of Bayelsa State, Idemili of Anambra State, and some part of Imo State all revere the African Rock Python as a deity, with strict rules of not killing the snake; a contribution to the conservation and protection of this beautiful reptile.