Mammal of the Week

Sunda Pangolin Manis javanica

The Sunda Pangolin also known as Malayan Pangolin is an extant species of the pangolin native to Southeast Asia. Although, closely related to Chinese Pangolin, its conspicuous big size, lighter brown colour and short fore claws distinguishes it.

Like other Pangolin species, it is heavily trafficked and hunted for its meat, skin and scales used in clothing manufacture and traditional medicine. The Sunda Pangolin is classified as critically endangered species by the IUCN.

This harmless mammal feeds on insects with its long tube-like sticky tongue. It relies on its thick skin and scaly skin for protection against predators. It habituates tropical forest (primary, secondary, and scrub forest) and plantations (rubber, palm oil). A large part of its life is spent in trees.