Mammal of the Week

AFRICAN CIVET CAT Civettictis civetta

The African Civet is a nocturnal mammal that is native to sub-Saharan Africa, largely present in tropical forests.

African Civet Cat is an irreplaceable mammal in the environment, it contributes to natural regeneration of tropical forest ecosystem through seed dispersal

 The Civet produces a strong-smelling secretion through its perineal gland, which is a highly valued musky scents used for fragrance.

 This animal have an omnivorous diet feeding on rodents, cane rats as well as fruits, berries etc. The African Civet have a life span of at least 15-20 years. Although classified as Least Concerned by IUCN, it faces threats from local hunting for bushmeat and commercial purpose

Knowledge gap in population, survival and conservation status of fauna and flora diversity amongst human exasperate the extirpation of these species. Get informed to save the World’s biodiversity with this piece.


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