U-Recycle Initiative by Moejoh Oluwaseyi Peace

We are happy to announce that Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper (through its umbrella organization, Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative) is funding, guiding, and providing technical and organizational support to #TeamWildlifeAfrica Moejoh Oluwaseyi Peace’s “U-Recycle Initiative” aimed at reducing the debilitating effects of plastic waste in our watershed and beyond.

This project is to create Awareness on Recycling and Sustainable Development Goal in schools, communities, churches, workplaces and more amongst everyone, focusing more on the young generation. We would however not stop at awareness creation but we would ensure that they actually begin recycling for a Swimmable, Drinkable and Fishable water environment.

If you would like to know more about how you can be a part of this laudable initiative as a partner or a sponsor, please email us at “lagoslagoonwaterkeeper@wildlifeafrica.org” or send a DM.

Miss Seyi, earlier this year, was involved in the supervision of her sanitation club in the gathering and collection of over 10,000 PET bottles for an Interschool recycling competition organized by The Nigerian Child Initiative (TNCI) and ECOPRUNE. After which, her school emerged the first position in this competition. Therefore, this has given her a background knowledge and idea on recycling and more. She hitherto won a $100 grant given to her for emerging first position in the Sustainable development goals Social impact prize from her mentor organization – The Nigerian Child Initiative, for being the most impactful Sustainable Development Goal (six- clean water and sanitation) Ambassador for the year 2017/2018.


Email: oluwaseyimoejoh@wildlifeafrica.org 


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