World Lion Day 2018 by Joshua Aribasoye

#WorldLionDay aims to raise awareness of the majestic hunter, the ultimate cat, the king of the jungle and a symbol of Africa’s Heritage. It’s all about #Lions today. This short Write-up was put together by a member of #TeamWildlifeAfrica, Joshua Aribasoye. Enjoy reading.

The lion is a species in the cat family, muscular, deep-chested with a short-rounded head, a reduced neck, and round ears. The Lion has forever been a symbol of strength, power, and ferocity, most social of all the big cats and lives together in groups or pride of about 15 lions.

Lions are facing an indirect threat from climate change called co-infection, periodically face outbreaks of the disease distemper and usually leading to mortality and many human threats such as population growth and agricultural expansion, resulting in loss of natural habitats.

Other threats include international wildlife trade in their parts, trophy hunting, poisoning and poaching by livestock ranchers. The steepest challenge that Lions currently face is that farmer and ranchers have no economic reason for not poisoning or killing them.

Conservation groups are working to develop strategies to reduce Lion – Farmer conflicts, such as lion-proof bomas, which are natural thorny enclosures where ranchers keep their livestock at night, reducing or eliminating the need to kill lions because of livestock depredation.

You may have heard of Richard Turere: the 13-year-old Kenyan boy who invented an ingenious system for safely keeping lions from attacking livestock in 2013. Knowing that lions were scared of people carrying torches (flashlights) at night. Source:

He rigged a series of automated flashing LED light bulbs around his livestock pen. The blinking lights trick lions and other predators into thinking a herdsman is present, so they don’t attack livestock. some Conservation projects use it. Listen to him –

How can you help? You can help by joining us to raise awareness for the majestic big cat to end poaching and hunting; by volunteering to save and conserve lions; by sponsoring or donating to conservation work through us or by any other avenue you can help. Thank you.


Joshua Aribasoye, writes from Nigeria. A student of the Federal University of Technology Akure, studying Animal production and health. He is also a Wildlife conservationist and an Environmentalist, with major interest in conservation aspects are based on Elephant and  Big Cats conservation.

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