The monkey story

I should be where,
The roots are thick,
Where the leaves rustle,
And the trees form a canopy.

I should be where,
The birds’ tweet,
And the fruits hang low,
Where my family has always called home,

But, I am on a leash,
For leaping to play and for putting food away,
I get a spank,
For baring my teeth and unfurling my tail

I was a monkey before, before,
Until you made me into a pet,
Now, I am a monkey in a cage,
Now, I am a monkey in your face.

I long for your visit to the jungle,
Without your buckshot, your traps or your bulldozers,
I long for when you will mind your habitat,
And allow me mind mine.

So please leave me alone,
Let me chatter with glee,
Let me swing from tree to tree,
Let me live my life the monkey way.

This Prose was written by Sonia from Lagos to bring attention to Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus),  pictured in the featured Image.  They range throughout much of Southern and East Africa and listed Appendix II of CITES  (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

To learn more about monkeys conservation, visit

Sonia Ugwunna writes from Lagos, Nigeria


Twitter: @soniaryde

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About Sonia

Sonia is Green. Though, She is green in her years, she has lived with Green all her life. Therefore, she is Green for the environment. She is Green because she is a human being. She is Green because she lives on Earth.

2 Replies to “The monkey story”

  1. Sonia Post author

    Thank you Joyce. The extinction of monkeys is something that should not be ignored

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